Wisdom in Practice

Reverse Mentoring Pilot Program

Designed & Developed by Geraldine Bilston


Address Power

Create Reflective Practice

Develop Client Centered Approach

A guided reverse mentoring program where social work graduates and their supervisors are mentored by victim-survivors through topics covering Listening, Empathy & Respect, Judgement & Unconscious Bias, Collaborating & Partnering with clients, Resilience & Self-Determination.

15 social work graduates and their supervisors in the family violence sector mentored by victim-survivors.  Learning from their insights, knowledge and wisdom.

Supported and initiated by the Family Violence Regional Integration Committees in Eastern Metropolitan and Bayside Regions (Victoria).

Special thank you to Rosemary Burrell (Bayside Principal Strategic Advisor) and Christine Robinson (Eastern Metropolitan Principal Strategic Advisor) who have provided guidance, support and advice throughout the design of the program.  And who continue to play a crucial role in coordinating the piloting of the program.