Family Violence Advocate

“I believe in a future where every single person in Australia can live happily, peacefully and free from all forms of Family Violence…”

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At the beginning of 2015 I left an abusive relationship.

I had spent half a decade loving and living with a man who I should have felt safe, secure and happy with. But by the time I left I was bruised and broken.

I spent the next 2 years dealing with police, courts and “the system”.

This is a sad story, but I am truly pleased to tell you it is a sad story with a happy ending. I am safe, happy and at peace, albeit with some scars.

Sharing my experiences; both the trials and the triumphs, is a healing process for me.

Being able to share my story in order to help others and shed light on an issue affecting our country has bought meaning to my own hardships.

I am passionate about bringing the voice of lived experience to all family violence reform.

I truly believe in a future free from Family Violence for every person in our country. Let’s work together to change the epidemic in our country.


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